Pitt Study Abroad Resources

The Pitt Study Abroad teams want to make sure that you have the resources that you need at all stages of the study abroad process.  Whether you are just getting started or have already returned from your program, these pages will help guide you through the experience and get the most out of your time abroad.

Getting Started

Before You Go

While Abroad

Coming Home


Application Requirements

Types of Programs

Picking a Program

Post Acceptance Requirements and Process

Setting Goals and Managing Expectations

Preparing to be Away From Campus

Health Matters

Money and Budgeting

Tips for Packing

Pre-Departure Checklist

Culture Shock

Being a Good Guest

Navigating Your Own Identity Abroad

Making the Most of Your Experience

Journaling and Reflections Abroad

Keeping in Touch

Managing Relationships Abroad


Reverse Culture Shock 

Study Abroad, Your Resume, and Job Interviews

Other Re-Entry Resources