For Parents


The Pitt Study Abroad Team thanks you for supporting your student's decision to study abroad!  We recognize that the study abroad process can be daunting for students and parents alike and understand that you may want to do everything you can to help make a study abroad program a reality for your student.  With that said, we believe in empowering students to take ownership of every aspect of their experience.   Below, you will find details on what our team can and will share with parents as well as what we are only able to communicate to students.  You'll also find links to information that we have found to be helpful for parents.


FEPRA stands for the Famlily Education Rights and Privacy Act and is designed to give students the right to privacy in their education.  Every student at the University of Pittsburgh is covered by FEPRA and it does limit what members of our team are able to discuss and share with you as a parent.  Students partially waive FEPRA during the dates of their program and specifically with regards to matters of health, safety, and security.  Our team will not share information about students that fall outside of that scope, including acceptance decisions, academic and disciplinary records, and program performance and attendance.  More information on FERPA can be found here.


The Pitt Study Abroad Team uses your student's University of Pittsburgh provided email account as the primary means of communication and expects that students will regularly check their email and respond as necessary.  Our team will not honor requests to copy parents on general or program-related emails.  Please note that our team members will copy in students on any communication between our office and parents. 

Over the phone, our team members are happy to answer any questions that you might have, provided that they do not violate FERPA.  We are able to answer your questions about the study abroad process, program details, billing and financial aid details among other things, so please do feel free to call. 

Our team can be reached at or 412-648-7413.  If you know who you would like to contact in the office, visit the Our Team page.

Meetings and Orientation

To ensure that all of our students are comfortable, meetings and orientations are limited to students only.  These include the Pre-Departure Bash, program-specific orientations, and any post-program events.  After any event, we do share links to any relevant information or presentations with students, so check in with your son or daughter if you would like to see the materials that they received. 

Pitt Study Abroad does work with the Parents and Family Resources Office on events and webinars throughout the year.   We encourage you to take a look at their site, including past webinars, to learn more!


Frequently Asked Questions:  Pitt Study Abroad maintains a database of frequently asked questions that is a great place to start.  Click here to explore.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:  You can find information specific to financial aid and study abroad here.  

Transparency in our Processes: We believe in being transparent in our policies and procedures, so we have created a set of Transparency pages to provide more information.

Student Agreement: All students who participate on a program are required to sign a study abroad agreement as well as a study abroad code.  Online versions of both can be found here.