Program and Term: 
FU-BEST program in Berlin, Spring semester 2017
What skills or experiences have you gained abroad that you feel has benefitted you professionally the most?
I believe that the two skills I learned the most while abroad was independence and adaptation. I've always been someone who is very independent, but when you're thrown into a country where you've never lived before and you're suddenly there, without family or friends, living with new people and new friends, it can be quite a culture shock, and can really test your true independence. I learned very quickly how to make real friends and how to become comfortable with my new surroundings. I also believe that having friends in this program really helped my independence grow while I was abroad, because with friends you go out and travel, like you wouldn't otherwise do by yourself. Hence, going out to pubs for a social night out with friends and booking last minute plane tickets to a weekend in Belgium, became a usual, fun, comforting, and independent thing for me to do. Adaptation comes along with independence in the sense that you are thrown into something you do not really know, and you have to adjust quickly. Although it may seem like everyone across the world leads similar lives, the tiny difference in social acceptances and gestures and words can be very different, and need to be learned in order to not seem like a complete goof or rude person while abroad. Something that I adapted to very quickly was the public transportation. At home, I never really used it, because we used to live in the suburbs and I had a car, but while abroad public transportation was everything, from getting to school, to getting to the airport, to meeting up with a friend. I depended on it to be on time and consistent, and when it wasn't, I really appreciated it much more. Therefore, I really adapted, quickly, to the public transportation system, I had to know how to use it the second day I was abroad, or I wasn't going to make it to school on time. And through public transportation I saw how people interacted with each other and what social gestures and words and ques were acceptable. I can't imagine what my life would be like now if I hadn't studied abroad, it honestly changed my life and I would re-live it all over again, if I could.