Program and Term: 
GSPIA Internship Program (independently organized)
How did this program benefit your academic plan?
I spent a little over two months in Haiti this summer conducting a program evaluation for a girls' empowerment program I helped to start there two years prior as well as completing an internship with an emerging foster care agency. This summer marks the first time that I have formally been involved in professional program evaluation. After my experiences in Haiti, I can say that I led two separate program evaluations (one a mid-point evaluation and one to design monitoring and evaluation protocol pre-implementation). Having this experience not only taught me a lot about program evaluation on-the-ground and helped me identify areas I can improve, but it also communicates to others in my field that I am serious about this work. After this summer I have deliverables in the form of a program evaluation report (in two languages) and program monitoring and evaluation guides that I could share with potential employers. This experience has brought me to a new level in my academic and professional growth and I expect that it will open new doors in terms of what I am able to do in this field in the future. I am incredibly grateful to the Nationality Rooms for this incredible opportunity. I could not have done it without the funding and support they provided.