Program and Term: 
Talent Management and CSR at Kedge Business School Summer 2017
What skills or experiences have you gained abroad that you feel has benefitted you professionally the most?
As an exchange student in Marseille, France, I gained insight into the international business of the European culture and its influence on the global economy. The geographical and cultural diversity of each exchange student enriched course discussions; Chinese, Russian, Mauritian, Italian, Mumbian and Londoner are just a few of the student nationalities. Classroom presentations ranged on topics of ‘ethics, corporate social responsibility, unconscious bias, personal branding, talent marketing and skills management.’ Outside of the classroom, the Interact Team was welcoming and made Marseille enjoyable. The social activities exposed us to a lot of what Marseille had to offer. A few activities included water tubing, hiking the tranquil trails of Les Calanques, scenic tours, shopping and beach activities. The faculty, staff and students of Kedge were extremely accommodating to everyone, ensuring safety and well-being. Currently, I am employed with Luxottica Retail, a multinational corporation that manufactures and distributes eye wear. This experience coupled with my masters’ degree in both international business and business administration will prepare me for the management challenges I may face in advancing my career with this company, managing diverse employees, embracing cultural differences and consistently evaluating my personal and professional growth.