Program and Term: 
Plus 3 Germany - Summer 2017
What skills or experiences have you gained abroad that you feel has benefitted you professionally the most?
Through my time in Germany, I gained many professional skills that would be hard to learn just in the classroom in Pittsburgh. Every culture has its own customs and manners when it comes to business, and with business being such an international field, it is important to be knowledgable about cultures in other countries. I was able to get first hand experience of these kinds of differences while I was in Germany working with German university students and through touring corporations throughout my trip. The two weeks abroad lead up to a final group presentation on one of the automobile industries that we studied. Each group consisted of a couple of Pitt Business students, Pitt Engineering students, and University of Augsburg students. So on top of networking with students and professionals in Germany, as a CBA student I was given the opportunity to get to know and work with Swanson Engineering students. Overall, Plus 3 Germany not only expanded my professional network, but also gave me friends I would not have met otherwise, and expanded my cultural awareness about a place outside of the Unites States. This awareness will only benefit me in the future inside my classes and in my profession later on, whether I am working domestically or internationally.